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พนักงานขายตรงกําลังขาย เข็มขัดรักษาทุกโรคให้แก่หญิง แม่บ้านคนหนึ่ง 

A feature about a domestic helper who looks after the house where nobody lives in.

all-powerful directed by Aditya Assarat
all-powerful กำกับโดย อาทิตย์ อัสสรัตน์
11.41 minutes (English subtitle)

– เผยแพร่ : เทศกาลหนังสั้นครั้งที่ 17, happening@house*4 “Freedom Festival , Clemont International Short Film Festival , 38th Hongkong International Film Festival, Short Film Festival & Asia 2014 Ozu Film Festival 2014 

Mr. Aditya Assarat He is well known as an independent director whose low-budget films target international audience. His first long film ‘Wonderful Town’ received awards in Thailand although it was not produced  and  circulated  by mainstream industry. Having grown up and lived aboard since the age of 15, his films mostly presented the isolation of an outsider and discrimination issues